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The Scriptural Rosary

The Scriptural Rosary provides a reflection for each Hail Mary of the twenty Mysteries.  The reflection is to be quietly scanned for meaning while the Hail Mary is being prayed.

If there is doubt that the two things can be done at the same time - the scanning of a reflection while one is saying the Haily Marys - a moment's recollection should dispel the doubt.  When we are reciting vocal prayers do we not, at times, have our minds running on various subjects other than the meaning of the prayers?  Our very distractions are a living proof that the dual activity can be performed.

According to the teachings of Saint Thomas Aquinas, there are three levels of attention possible in vocal prayer.  The first and lowest level is our attention to the full and proper enunciation of the words of the prayer.  The second and higher level is our attention to the literal meaning of the words.  The third and still higher level is reached when, leaving the literal meaning aside, our attention rises to thoughts on the Mystery or to particular praise to God.  This third level may rise to the point of contemplation.

The method of using the Scriptural Rosary is truly a reverent approach to contemplation of the Mysteries.  After repeated usage, the reflections become somewhat impressed in the memory.  Certain distinctive features of the Mysteries are then inwardly present to the mind and heart while one is praying the Rosary.  And what is more, those features of the Mysteries are present for our recollection of them at any given time.  Thus, the living truths which are in the Mysteries of Our Lady's Rosary become so present to us that we may indeed "imitate what they contain, and obtain what they promise."  Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

Source:  Your Scriptural Rosary, Charles L. Painter; 1978, pp. 7-9.

The following passages of Scriptural Rosary are taken from Your Scriptural Rosary, Charles L. Painter; 1978.

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