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Additional Information about Praying the Rosary


How To Pray The Rosary After Someone's Death - the Rosary is often said during the "vigil," or wake, of a Catholic funeral. Ideally, the devotion is led by the Priest conducting the service, but can be led by any of the faithful who are in attendance.  Find the instructions for praying the rosary in honor of a loved one who has died.

The Job Seekers Rosary - Pray along with the Sorrowful Mysteries as each mystery is seen through the eyes of a currently unemployed person.

Mother Teresa's Rosary - read an amazing story about Mother Teresa, her rosary and how many lives were changed because of her rosary.

How to pray the rosary - The rosary is much more than just saying a bunch of prayers.  We need to remember to really concentrate on the mysteries of the rosary that represent the life, death, and ressurection of Jesus Christ.

Praying the rosary - There are many ways of praying the rosary.  In solitude or as a group; in silence or with quiet music in the background; while using a booklet with pictures or picturing the mysteries scenes in our mind.

Rosary prayer - All the prayers of the rosary can be found here to help you with what prayers to pray.

Catholic rosary - What is the Catholic Rosary?  It is many things to manay people, but it is truly an inspirational prayer.

How to pray rosary - Here you can find a graphic representation of the rosary with instructions on what prayer to pray on each bead.  All the prayers are shown as well as the mysteries for the days.

History of the rosary - Found out how the Rosary was started and the meaning behind it.  Who was given the first rosary by the Blessed Virgin Mary and why?  Find out here.

Mysteries of the rosary - You can find more detail behind each of the mysteries of the rosary, what each mystery is and which days to pray each mystery.

Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae (On the Most Holy Rosary) of the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II - Here, you can find Pope John Paul II's complete Apostolic Letter On the Most Holy Rosary.  This is a very comprehensive look at the importance of the Rosary from Pope John Paul II's perspective.




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