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Rosary - Praying Tips
Tips to help you avoid distractions

The following tips may help you make the most of praying the Rosary:

  • Try focusing more on the mysteries than on the actual prayers. (While it is not wrong to focus on the prayers themselves, try placing your primary focus on the mysteries themselves to aid in the contemplation of the mysteries.)

  • Invoke the Holy Spirit before praying the Rosary. Be sure to ask for the virtues / graces associated with each mystery (click here for mysteries / virtues)

  • Make use of traditional artwork to focus your mind on the mysteries of the Rosary.   The images on the Mysteries of the Rosary pages are an excellent resource.

  • Use a blessed rosary. Some blessed rosaries may be associated with additional benefits (e.g. special indulgences).

  • Avoid distractions by praying in a quiet place.

  • Pray during times you are least likely to get interrupted or be distracted.

  • Kneeling is the most desirable posture for saying the Rosary (for those who are physically able) and may help reduce distractions.

  • You may offer up your Rosary for a specific person, intention, etc. Even distractions may be offered up!

  • Try saying a "Scriptural Rosary" to help you focus on the mysteries. When praying the Scriptural Rosary, there are 10 relevant Scripture quotes for each mystery of the Rosary. By focusing on these biblical passages, you may be more likely to avoid distraction. [Note: Click here for selected Scriptural Rosary references]

  • When meditating on a mystery of the Rosary, also meditate on the 'virtues' or spititual fruit associated with each decade. 

  • When contemplating a mystery, try imagining that you were actually there when the event occurred.

  • Pray the Rosary with your whole family. 

  • Try saying the Rosary in a group (i.e. before or after Mass). 

  • Take a moment at the beginning of each decade to reflect on the mystery is represents. This may help you focus on the mystery itself and avoid distractions.

  • If Rosary beads are unavailable, try using your fingers to count.

  • For times when you can't use rosary beads, consider a rosary ring or a credit card size rosary.

  • Try following along with a good traditional book while praying the Rosary. Some have meditations, artwork, etc. Especially helpful may be traditional books written by saints devoted to the Rosary.  Click here for a great selection of Rosary Books, or traditional Rosary Prayer Books.

  • If you are unable to pray a full Rosary on some occasion, you may pray as many decades as you can. Or, if you are new to the Rosary and wish to start slowly, you can begin by saying a decade (or two or three) each day.

  • There are numerous books, screen savers, web sites, tapes, pictures, etc. which may help you make the most of the Rosary.

  • Hang Rosary beads around a doorknob (if safe for children) to remind yourself to pray the Rosary often.

  • Keep praying and you'll get better with time. Don't ever give up! Even if you find that you are upset by distractions, be sure to persevere. You may even offer up the distraction itself! Should you find it difficult to pray the Rosary on your own, consider joining a group.

  • Make a commitment to pray the Rosary daily! You'll be glad you did!

  • Pray the rosary with a special intention.  Say out loudI am going to pray this rosary for…”  (for example:  for a better job, a raise in salary, the recovery from an illness, world peace), “… subject always to the will of God.”

  • After stating the purpose or intention of the Rosary, then add, “I want the answer to this prayer to come through the intercession of the Blessed Mother, who is so powerful with her Son that He worked His first miracle for her, although His time had not yet come.”

  • Use of Rosary beads.  With the hands engaged in light activity using the Rosary beads and with vocal prayers hovering in the background, the mind can be set free for its task of dwelling on the great truths of the mysteries of the Rosary.  Click here for a great selection of Rosary beads.


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