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Praying the Rosary

There are many different ways of praying the rosary.  We can pray the rosary in solitude or pray as a group.  We can pray the rosary for a special intention or pray for whatever God knows has the greatest need.  We can pray the Rosary in quiet silence or with music as a backgroud.  We can pray the rosary with a booklet including pictures of each mystery or we can pray and just image the scene of that mystery in our mind.  However we are praying the rosary, it is important that we just remember that praying the rosary daily is something that our Blessed Mother has asked us to do.

Our parish church has instituted a practice that praying the rosary is held before each Mass on the weekend.  There is a volunteer that arrives about 15-20 minutes prior to the Mass time to start and lead the congregation in praying the rosary.  It is a great comfort knowing that we are all gathered together to celebrate Mass and we have the opportunity of praying the rosary together.  Why don't you try starting the practice of praying the rosary at your church before each Mass on the weekends?

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