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Mother of Pearl One Decade Rosary

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Mother of Pearls Hand Made Rosary Bracelet in Bethlehem
Mother of Pearls carvings started in Bethlehem 700 years ago;
taught by the Monks to the locals.
Pearls possess a history and allure. Long known as the "Queen of Gems".
Decorative Mother of Pearl was used at least as far back as 4200 B.C.
Mother of Pearls symbolism represents fertility and rebirth.

Mother of Pearls Beads with silver metal chain and a clasp.
A detailed Crucifix is 1" high with a stamp "Jerusalem" on the back.

Use it as a reminder of the Holy Land or give it as a gift from the heart
It will be remembered forever!

Ideal religious gift with a personal touch!
This Genteel Rosary was hand made in the Bethlehem area
by local Christian craftsmen.
*Gifts boxed with "Somethin' about the Mother of Pearls"

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